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		> Rules
		1> Be Friendly  - Griefing, trolling, or harassment of any kind are not allowed.'
		2> No Cheating  - Cheating, Hacked Clients, XRay, Item Duping will all result in an instant ban.'
		This is a Family Friendly server. We do not tolerate foul language or inappropriate builds, skins, signs, or communication.
		Gizzibell is a family-friendly semi-vanilla server.
		A few creature comforts extend the vanilla experience.
		Depending on your /ranks you can /sethome [name] [color]
		 homes for easy transport.
		You can freely /tpa [friend] and /tpahere [friend]
		 to play with your friends.
		We allow spawn plots to be used according to /spawnrules
		We have disabled afk fishing to protect the server economy.
		Beacons will scare off Phantoms
		The Ender Dragon drops Elytra and a Dragon Egg on death.

		Do stuff
		Have Fun
		Play game
		Read /rules
You do it